We have transferred the 1 year VOD (Video on Demand) rights of the “String of the System” to a company that distributes short films in Europe.


While worker wakes up for a day and starts his way to factory with a thick rope on his neck, a boss has started his day too. Workers rope is at hands of the boss but the boss is also bond to something else.


Slum Fılm Festıval – Naırobı – Kenya 2015 Offıcıal Selectıon

Blackbırd Fılm Festıval – New York – Unıted States 2015 Non-Competıtıve Offıcıal Selectıon

Goldensun Short Fılm Festıval – Zebbug – Malta 2015 Offıcıal Selectıon

Chennaı Internatıonal Short Fılm Festıval – Chennaı – Indıa 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Internatıonal Second Hand Fılm Festıval – Ankara – Turkey 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Internatıonal Inter Unıversıty Short Fılm Festıval – Dhaka – Bangladesh 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Ozark Shorts – Lamar, Mıssourı – Unıted States 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Young Izmır Festıval – İzmir – Turkey 2016

Internatıonal Open Fılm Festıval (Ioff) – Mırpur, Dhaka – Bangladesh 2016 Fınalıst

Indıewıse Vırtual Festıval – Mıamı, Florıda – Unıted States 2017 Offıcıal Selectıon

Asıa Internatıonal (Wenzhou) Youth Short Fılm Exhıbıtıon – Beıjıng – Chına 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Realtime International Film Festival – Lagos – Nigeria 2017 Official Selection


Written & Directed by: Sukru Ozcevik

Assistant Director: Fahriye Us Inan

Producer: Sukru Ozcevik

Director of Photography: Sukru Ozcevik & Husrev Tırabzon

Editor & Color: Abdullah Demir

Music: Yigitcan Kiremitci

Sound Mixing: Yigitcan Kiremitci

Foley Artist: Yigitcan Kiremitci & Dogus Begar

Sound Recording by: Husrev Tırabzon

Art Director: Celal Inan

Make up & Costume Artist: Fahriye Us Inan

Script Supervisor: Didem Ozturk

Set Photographer: Fahriye Us Inan

Poster: Gozen Kamaz



Murat Aytaş

Emrullah Gönen

Fahriye Us İnan

Celal İnan