Barıs, is a university student who works to invent a time machine at the age of 23. Barıs, one day, a mysterious event happens at home alone. The same thing is happening in the garden of his grandfather when he is still a child. He also tells Selin and Oguz that his friends came to his house. The three friends decide to go to his old house to solve this mysterious event that has passed by Barıs.


Written & Directed by: Oktay Karatas

Producer: Oktay Karatas

Line Producer & Second Assistant Director: Sukru Ozcevik

First  Assistant Director: Yasin Zeybekoglu

Director of Photography: Huseyin Yilmaz

Assistant Camera & Lighting: Cihan Oz

Production Manager: Yasin Zeybekoglu

Sound Recording by: Furkan Erkoc

Editor & Color: Furkan Erkoc

Production Assistant: Sertac Sarıcoban

Poster Designer: Huseyin Esen



Barıs Sepidzi

Anı Can

Oguz Arslan

Baray Karatas