A man trying to adjust to life in her memories.Want to go back to life, but a part, cannot be established from the memories.The other part is that he knows whether to hold pretty memories back to life.However, the purification is necessary to live. This is the guy enters into a war with itself between the dilemma.


Written & Directed by: Oktay Karatas

Assistant Director: Sukru Ozcevik

Director of Photography: Talha Genç

Lighting: Enes Faruk Balcı

Editor: Mümin Güven

Music: Yarış Onur Çağlar

Cast: Sahin Tatlicioglu



TIF Video Challenge, Photography Contest and Story Challenge – Nicosia – Cyprus 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon

Ozark Shorts – Lamar, Mıssourı – ABD 2016 Offıcıal Selectıon